Baby massage

Baby massage is suitable for babies from birth to crawling. Baby massage is an amazing way of bonding and communicating with your baby. It’s a chance for baby and you to really spend time together enjoying each other’s touch. It involves strokes and touches that are proven to help you and your baby in many ways. These include relaxation, reducing colic, aiding better sleep and provides that all important skin to skin contact. There are so many more benefits and once you learn its something you can do regularly at home with baby, perhaps as evening routine. It is proven to aid the bond between mother and baby.

There are so many benefits to baby massage. The greatest thing is it benefits both mum and baby and helps to create that unique bond. The benefits for both include aiding better sleep, creates a positive touch between the two- one day baby will give you that loving stroke too, helps to build a positive communication between the two of you and understand cues from baby. Whilst we all know babies aren’t happy all of the time and suffer from things like colic, trapped wind and constipation, there are massage techniques that can help elevate these digestion ailments. When it comes to digesting there is also help that massage gives with feeding- it can aid lactation in a breastfeeding mother due to the closeness and tenderness massage creates it releases those happy hormones in both mother and baby- more milk! These touches create a sense of safety and positivity for baby when it’s a scary place being fresh out of the womb. It helps baby to feel loved and secure. Other benefits include helping with respiratory conditions, unblock a stuffy nose and even help with teething pains.

The class itself runs as a course building each week to add areas of the body and build up confidence in learning strokes. Just because you have done it once or elsewhere doesn’t stop you booking again. Many parents like to come again as a fixed special time to massage and bond with baby.

Classes are run as a 5 week block and last for an hour each £30 / repeat block booking 10% off