Baby yoga

Baby yoga is a great way to have fun and spend that quality time with your baby. It uses some principles and beliefs of adult yoga but is like like baby gym with stretches and gentle movements to relax both you and baby. The classes focus on stretches and movements with songs and sensory play to combine relaxation with fun. It’s a positive class which involves both you and baby in the activities.

It has great benefits such as aiding sleep, tummy troubles and your child’s development. It is great for stretching out those painful backs and shoulders from feeding and holding baby as well as a little work on that pelvic floor! Exercises can help you regain your balance after having your baby. Come to class dressed for gentle exercise. Mum and baby will need to have had their 6 week check with their GP before starting baby yoga.


Classes are run as a 5 week block and last for an hour each £30 / repeat block booking 10% off